Q&A with Flight DL/FB Jeremiah Zene

The Jersey Flight continues to build and improve the team; bringing in an immense amount of talent. The defensive line particularly is beginning to look special with the announcement of Jeremiah Zene joining the likes of Eric Ducksworth, Marques Slocum, and Armonti Yharbrough. I was granted the opportunity to speak with Zene about the upcoming season.

Q: First and foremost welcome to the Jersey Flight! I was able to see you’ve been playing arena football for a while dating back to your time with the Alabama Hammers and Monterrey Steel to your time with the Orlando Predators of the NAL. What has the journey been like up to this point?

A: It’s been up and down a rocky career as you seen last year I got bounced around playing offensive line..just had me baffled because I’ve been giving the same teams fits playing defensive tackle and fullback

Q: Well that actually leads into my next question. I understand you basically have always been a versatile player. Even though your main position is on the defensive line you have found yourself playing on the offensive line and even taking the handoff at fullback. How do you tend to manage a wide array of skill sets?

A: Unorthodox training, well for a larger guy like myself I try and keep my fast-twitch muscles at full go. Most of my friends are way smaller than me and play a skill position so when I’m training I really have to keep up.

Q: Can’t be entirely easy being a lineman in a skills position’s environment. Going over some of your game film I was able to notice not only your ability to bull through offensive lineman but also use finesse techniques as well. With that being said what part of your game do you pride yourself the most in? And do you find there’s any areas that could use improvement?

A: Mostly I pride myself in me being very very hard and blunt to my teammates because vice-versa I would want the same thing. But physical ability my pride is in my finesse ability and quickness of the hands it gives me the slight advantage and helps me close out angles because the majority of people/athletes think if you’re bigger you can’t move as well, well the jokes on them. My stamina, I’ve work tremendously hard on, my wind the ability for me to go an entire defensive series and come in either it be blocking or running. I’m in when my team needs me and will be a huge help down the stretch.

Q: I’m truly excited to see you play up close and see those finesse moves put to the test. In sports, there’s goals as a team but there’s also personal goals for players. Ultimately what is your goal for this season?

A: Ultimately I plan on getting my shot at an XFL team. I’m also looking for a home, team, and city I can call my own when it’s all said and done someone will hang my jersey up

Q: Best of luck to your journey after this but hopefully you’ll leave a true impact in Jersey. This game can take a heavy physical and mental toll on a player, sometimes making it best to have some time away from the game to balance things out. So, how do you like to get away from the game?

A: I’m a meditater I’ll get to myself and just find that quiet place, I play Madden (VikeNation ), I swim, and I’m a huge art fan not big on the artists’ but love most of their work I feel as if I see and feel something different each and every time I look to the art piece.

Q: That’s a nice array of hobbies outside the walls. Everybody has a reason they go out and practice and step into the arena to battle it out on game day. I understand your motivation is family for a variety of reasons. So I would like to ask, what does it mean to you when you step onto that field?

A: I love putting smiles on my family faces when they see me playing but all in all I LOVE football its self the game the competition the athletes I love when I get to play against my former teammates college and pro, like our home opener I get to play my long-time friend my brother. Blood wouldn’t make us any closer former pro and college teammate Jaxville center D. Ziegler that’s gonna be a very fun and exciting matchup but besides family, I do it for the fans imma crowd pleaser

Well, surely they’ll be plenty of crowd-pleasing moments this season as well as moments to put a smile on your family and friends faces. And I can’t wait for that Ziegler, Zene matchup April 11th. Now, that’s all the questions I have for you today, thank you for taking the time to let the fans get to know you.

Any time Stone my pleasure.

Jeremiah Zene provides not only a big and strong body to the defensive line but also provides versatility with his abilities to move around and even play both sides of the ball. Not to mention the training Zene goes through to keep his stamina up so he can compete at his highest performance throughout the game, especially in crunch time. With the abilities Zene brings to the franchise, fans should certainly be ecstatic about this signing.