Q&A with Flight DB Jason Johnson

As the season slowly approaches with training camp being just two months away the Jersey Flight is assembling a talented bunch to make up the roster. The skillful player we’ll be focusing on today isn’t new to sport and has played just a state over in Lehigh. This player is six-foot-two Jason Johnson, who was gracious enough to take the time to do this interview.

Q: I understand you have a few seasons of indoor football behind you now. You were signed in October of 2015 by the Omaha Beef but unfortunately, you were released in 2016 due to an experienced roster, but you bounced back signing with the Steel City Menace, tallying 12 catches for 90 yards before the team ultimately folded. After this, you were brought back to the Beef but were placed at defensive back for the first time in your career. Skip ahead a bit you ended up with the Georgia Firebirds in 2017 where you played as a cornerback where you ended the season with 11 pass defends, one interception, a fumble recovery, and 15 tackles. This would then lead you to the Bloomington Edge, Maine Mammoths, Lehigh Valley Steelhawks, and now the Jersey Flight. With such the journey from just 2015 to now, what has it been like and what has it all meant to you?

A: What up Stone, you do your research well.

I appreciate you asking those questions Stone, you know Stone signing a contract with the Beef my rookie season really put everything in perspective. That first training camp I was apart of, before getting released and then ultimately bringing me back. It was a grind, you know fighting for reps fighting to solidify yourself, I remember I was in camp with NFL vets literally just getting released from the league so you know I was a fly on the wall listening and grasping every little piece of information I can get from the older guys just competing, It was fun! Not knowing that that situation would set me up for my next. I got in contact with Coach Foster he responded with “GET HERE” that being in Colorado, to show him in person what I could contribute to his football team, I was there in the next two days. I was able to sign with Steel City as a WR so I can say Coach Foster took a chance on a Rookie and I have never forgotten that. So that meant a lot to my career and my confidence. My Journey in Pro Football from 2016 to now has taken me all over the World and I’m grateful for what’s to come in NJ! You know it’s hard, to sum up, the past couple of years but I would just say my book is far from finished. God has charged me with helping Coach T bring a championship back to NJ, I’m so locked in, putting God first and the support of my family, organization, and teammates will help me continue this journey, continue writing chapters, continue Having fun you know!

Q: The trust in you from coach Foster since day one must truly mean something and I can’t wait to see that bond show on the field. With this game being such a mixing pot of different backgrounds from a sports aspect to a personality aspect, I would like to know how you would describe yourself as a player and as a person?

A: Yeah no doubt I’m excited to put the work in to continue to gain his trust. Well first off I would like to say they are two completely different people kinda like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde sort of thing, but to really answer your question, I would say as a person, a human being on earth I mean I’m thoughtful, loyal and laid back but I love playing Madden so I’m known to talk some trash though and as a player first I’m a student of the game. I’m coachable, accountable, aggressive, disciplined, and very meticulous and I have fun with it.

Q: Can’t wait to see the transformation from Jekyll to Hyde come game day. I know you’ve been asked this before but it was at a different period in your playing career, younger, still a little new to the game. But now with some years of experience said and done, what’s your goal for this season and onward?

A: I just want to continue to get better as a player/teammate learn as much as I can from a great coaching staff, do my job to win football games and have some fun along the way. It’s gonna be a long season so take it one day one practice at a time. I understand and appreciate the opportunity that we have with the schedule falling how it did, to watch two championships teams go at it week one then prepare for Jacksonville week two.

Q: I can say I’m excited to see this team come together as a locker room, think we have some really good personalities in there. Now, most players have a certain technique or style that they take the most pride in. So, when it comes to your playing style what do you find to be your biggest strength and is there anywhere you think you can improve?

A: My playing style is simple play physical put hands-on everything play through the whistle! But Stone there’s always things you can improve on, I’m no different. I always want to be prepared, so that’s knowing the opponent inside. Alignment assignment is huge in the secondary. I believe honing in on those skills will give us chances for success!

Q: I’m excited to see that tough play style take place on game days. I like to think every player walks into the season with the mindset that they’re going to help their team get to and win the championship. With that being said what comes to mind when you think of a championship team?

A: Discipline every championship team has discipline, Family comes to mind you see these guys every day they become apart of your family. Respect also comes to mind unrelenting: comes to mind. Usually, teams have one common goal if you don’t you’re wrong. Gotta have respect on the field and off the field and in the meeting rooms and locker room. When adversity hits, and it will you need, these traits not everyone will see eye to eye but we will ALL see our Common goal which is to win a championship you need to have respect for your brother next to you, discipline is needed, you have to be unrelenting in your pursuit of a championship

Q: Unrelenting disciple, I like that. Of course, it’s no secret that this game takes commitment and hardship, with the long hours of practice and preparation not to mention the action that takes place on game day. I would like to know what motivates you through it all?

A: What motivates me, My mom that’s no longer with us, my Family Motivates me immediate and extended and I strive to be great at everything I do, you always chasing perfection you know.

I’m sad to hear she’s no longer with us but I’m sure she left an everlasting impact on you. As far as the family far and close I’m sure they’re excited to see you ball out. And with that, I think we’re at a good wrapping up point for this interview. Thank you for your time and letting the fans get a chance to know you.

Thank you for the time Stone.. just wanna say to the Arena Fans most importantly Flight Fans going to be a great year I’m excited about getting to work with the guys! #TakeFlight!

Jason Johnson is a young defensive back but not entirely new to the game putting him in an adequate position to help what should be a championship-caliber team this season. Not to mention the relationship he has with head coach Terrence Foster. The coach to put faith in him as a rookie is now showing his faith again, adding Johnson to a talented roster in hopes of winning it all. As camp approaches and the roster takes more and more shape the fans should be more and more excited and ready to see these talented players finally get out there and perform and prove why they deserve the hype. #TakeFlight2020