Q&A with Defensive Lineman Armonti Yharbrough

Another key addition was made to the defensive unit for the Flight when they announced the signing of Armonti Yhabrough. The seasoned vet brings a big presence to the defensive line with a 6’5” 300lbs frame to drive through offensive linemen. I had the opportunity to interview the Big General himself.

Q: Welcome aboard the Jersey Flight! I understand you played your final two years of college ball at Midwestern State where you majored in criminal justice. As a senior, you started in all 10 games and earned yourself a spot on the second-team All-lone Star Conference. Eventually, you would find yourself playing arena ball playing for the Colorado Crush and the Corpus Christi Rage. How were you introduced to the game and what has the journey been like up to this point?

A: Yeah the journey has been persistent I’ve literally gone through every emotion possible playing this great game we all know and love. I was first introduced to arena football back in 2015 where I had an opportunity to play with San Jose Sabercats, didn’t know much about the arena game then but it was a great opportunity for me.

Q: At 6’5” and 300+ pounds I’m sure you can easily bull rush offensive lineman off the snap but I would like to hear from the source, how you would describe your playing style and just how you are as a player?

A: Definitely a bull rush master at this point in my career but my style of play is very exciting and intense. I literally know every adjustment and angle and opponent could give me, mix that with my relentless effort and a good group of brothers on the side of me I’m literally unstoppable. And also being able to play multiple positions up front is a key to my style of play.

Q: I really look forward to seeing your presence on the line this season. In continuation of the last question, what part of your game do you find to be the strongest and are there any parts of your game you want to improve?

A: The strongest part of my game would be my on-field adjustability given that this is such a high flying fast pace game being able to adjust while in the moment is a key attribute. And a part of my game that I definitely want to improve is just being able to finish and close out games with a victory.

Q: Hopefully we get to see that adjustability in practice and see you finish out some key victories this upcoming season. I would also like to know what your goals are for this season and further down the road?

A: Oh definitely can’t wait, my goal this season, bring a ring to New Jersey. Huge milestone for me as a vet. And down the line, I want to maximize my earning potential of course playing this great game and help introduce it to the next-gen so we can have more savages. Also, introduce me and call me the Big General from now on thank you.

Q: The Big General, quite the nickname. Well, let’s hope you can help lead the Flight to secure that championship ring. Now, If you’ve played any type of sport from high school on you know locker room fit and chemistry is a huge part of success. What do you look for in a locker room?

A: For sure, locker room I look for a bunch of laughs good endless vibes and everybody taking care of each other, coaches, staff, organization, and all; we are a family first and that’s important.

Q: Definitely should be like a family and have a good atmosphere. This sport takes commitment as dedication that may not be rivaled by much else. So as my last question, I would like to know what motivates you to continually battle it out within the arena walls?

A: Yeah so those freakin’ walls are so ancient but it makes all the difference when it comes to this game. What motivates me is looking in the crowd, seeing family, friends, and supporters who want to see some action and entertainment and these walls give us the platform to give them exactly what they want.

Well, I’m sure your play will send a spark through the stadium to excite the fans and I can’t wait to see it play out on game day. Thank you for taking the time to answer questions and letting the fans get to know you.

Anytime thank you.

Well, it’s no question what’s on Armonti “The Big General” Yharbrough’s mind heading into the season; stating himself that he’s looking for a ring at this point in his career and plans to bring one to the Garden State. With the season debut only being months away the fans should get on board as quickly as possible to see the action take place inside those tough arena walls.