Flight sign veteran QB Danny Southwick

The Jersey Flight signed veteran quarterback Danny Southwhick for the 2020 season. Soutwhick began playing Arena Football in 2008 and is a respected veteran of the sport. 

“I worked it out with my wife that I’m playing until I’m 40,” The 38 year old Southwhick said. “The NAL is becoming increasingly competitive there’s a lot of really good teams. In terms of traditional passing Arena Football the NAL is the best there is,” Southwhick said. 

After one season in the AF2 in 2008, Soutwhick signed a contract with the Oakland Raiders during the offseason. Following his time with the Raiders, Southwick began his career in the AFL in 2011. Southwhick appeared in the league every year since, a total of nine years in the AFL and ten playing Arena Football. 

“Arena Football is extremely competitive and if you’re looking at it from a developmental path it prepares you in ways that the college game doesn't. In terms of passing football it’s a world class sport and you see a lot of innovations from the Arena League trickling into the NFL,” Southwhick said. 

Soutwhick’s career statistics in the AFL were 6,447 yards and 115 touchdowns. Soutwhick also briefly appeared in the NAL with the Jacksonville Sharks and Massachusetts Pirates in 2018.