One on One Q&A with Flight Defensive Back Robert Brown

This season the Jersey Flight hosts a set of twins as a part of their air attack and air defense. While Eric Brown attacks through the air his brother Robert will be defending it. The 6’3” 205lbs defensive back is surely a force to be reckoned with for opposing receivers. I was able to have the privilege of interviewing Robert Brown.

Q: Firstly, welcome to the Flight organization! Now, last year was your NAL rookie season, which you spent with the Jacksonville Sharks. I would like to know a little bit about your journey prior to your NAL rookie year.

A: I was in camp with the BC Lions (CFL) in 2017 before being released and playing for the Philadelphia Soul (AFL) also in 2017. I returned to play with the Soul in 2018 prior to my NAL rookie year with Jacksonville in 2019.

Q: I understand you’re from New York and studied at Seton Hill so it must be a good feeling to play so close to home. Not to mention the fact that you’re finally getting the chance to play professionally alongside your brother Eric. Could you describe that feeling when you found out you would be playing so close to home with your brother?

A: Yes, I was born in Queens and reside in Virginia Beach. It’s going to be a great feeling coming back home & playing in front of family. Playing the 2020 season with my twin brother was my number one priority and I am forever grateful for the Flight giving us that opportunity.

Q: I look forward to seeing what the two of you can do together. I was able to view your rookie highlight reel and it is truly full of standout plays. One of the first plays to stand out was the final play in the Sharks’ overtime win over the Pirates. Winning 54-47 you were able to pick the ball off at the goal line as time expired to secure the victory. Also, one aspect of your game that I noticed was your ability to track the ball. This ability was on display against the Pirates in an away game this time when you knocked a pass into the air and followed it for the end zone pick. With all of that being said how has your rookie season impacted you as a player and how has the next step been?

A: My NAL rookie season was a great experience overall. I played with some of the best players and coaches of all arena leagues. The 2019 season was a good building block for what I plan on accomplishing in 2020 for the Jersey Flight. Excited to see what the future holds going forward.

Q: In continuation, noticing some top playmaking ability I’m interested in what part of your game you find to be the strongest, where you feel you could improve, and how you would describe yourself as a player?

A: My knowledge for the arena game along with my physical play and mindset are definitely my strengths when it comes to this league. My NAL rookie season was my first true in-game experience at defensive back for arena. There was a lot of good along with some growing pains such as staying fully healthy throughout the season. I learned from everything & I’m ready to go for 2020!

Q: Surely, we’ll all get to see those growing pains payoff this year. Certainly, this sport is a very high action, fast-paced, sport that takes a lot of mental and physical commitment. How do you prepare for the battle within the arena walls? Also, how do you wind down afterward?

A: I pray before games and like to listen to music to get focused. Mental preparation is the biggest thing before games. Afterward, I just relax and watch game film, to be honest. I love football and have big dreams going forward. This is just the beginning!

Q: Being mentally prepared is surely a necessity in this game. Lastly, knowing the commitment and drive that it takes to play this game, I would like to know what motivates you most to go out there and give it your all?

A: I’m very internally motivated. My ultimate goal is to reach the NFL and I trust the process along the way. God and my family mean the most to me so that’s who I go out & do it for!

Well, I can’t wait to see you compete on that field with a Flight uniform on! Thank you for your time and letting the fans get to know you!

Thank you for the opportunity!

Brown, having a season of AFL and another season of NAL work under his belt should serve as a confident defender for the flight. As well as the companionship of his brother Eric by his side, I have no doubt in saying he’ll have an outstanding defensive year. #TakeFlight2020