Adam Turkel
2018-2019 COO/GM & Head Coach

The Jersey Flight are proud to announce the hiring of Adam Turkel as the second Head Coach and director of player personnel in franchise history. Expanding on his experience and direction, Jersey Flight has announced that Coach Turkel will also be stepping in as COO/GM as he aggressively launches a new direction for Jersey Flight this season.

Coach “Turk” brings a wealth of indoor experience having coached in various leagues professionally since 2004. Coach Turk is a Brooklyn NY native currently residing in the suburbs of Trenton.

Notably Coach Turk was the initial GM of the now defunct Trenton Freedom parting ways shortly after its inception due to differences in business philosophy.

“It’s a great opportunity” stated Coach Turk. “I’m looking forward to being part of the Flight family and helping create a product the city of Trenton can be proud of. We want to adopt the community, and hope they see our dedication to them as well as producing something Trenton can be proud of.”

With these changed firmly in place , Jersey Flight now begins to gear up for the 2019 season. Stay tuned for more moves as #WeTakeFlight

To reach out to Coach Adam Turkel, please email: aturkel@jerseyflightfootball.com